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We were made to accomplish the easy things

There are a million little easy things that can eat up a day. This app has a number, check it. Clear it. Read it. Respond to it. Like it. Share it. Email it. Save it. Bookmark it. Make a note of it. Cross it off. Make a phonecall. Write it down. Make a mental note. Let it go. Talk it out. Pick it up. Put it away. Move it again. Water the plants. Take it off. Wave it away. Say hello. Kiss goodbye.

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Save Time and Sell More in 2012 Webinar Series

One of my first endeavors in my badass new gig has been collaborating on the Save Time and Sell More in 2012 Webinar Series, with Joshua Zerkel of Custom Living Solutions, and the great folks at Outright and Shoeboxed. We are wrapping up the series and the last webinar is tomorrow, Tues. Jan 24th*! Jake – one of […]

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5 Know your strengths

Launching my own product line was a huge step. For one, I finally did it! It had been my dream for as long as I could remember, and I finally put everything else aside, invested the time and money and went for it. However, its challenged me in ways I never expected, and I’ve learned […]

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Associated Press article on Square

A few weeks back I was interviewed by a reporter from the Associated Press, and subsequently photographed utilizing the device. The fun thing about an AP article is that it gets published everywhere. That said, the article unfortunately doesn’t mention “WilloToons” or my website URL, so it hasn’t turned into sales, but it’s definitely had […]

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Using Square to take credit cards on my iPhone

Recognize a face in those phones below? Yes, that’s me on Square’s site, which has been getting quite a bit of press the last few days now that it’s launched. What is Square? It’s this cool way to process credit cards on the iPhone. I’ve been on their beta for a few weeks now and […]

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