countown to takeoff…

Published on March 15, 2004

Today is a big countdown to takin off for SXSW tomorrow. Hey – are you…

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my poor baby has fleas

Published on July 22, 2003

My poor baby has fleas It’s the first time he’s ever had them (he’s 2…

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good boy

Published on July 19, 2003

Good boy! My cat just ate the biggest fly.

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buddy boy mania

Published on June 29, 2003

buddy boy mania Whenever I’m on my computer, Kazoobie jumps up on my desk for…

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very busy

Published on June 18, 2003

I’m very busy working today, so I will just leave you with these: [kazoo]

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postcard collectors unite

Published on June 2, 2003

Postcard Collectors Unite! Oh my gawd!! There’s a word for what I am! Or rather,…

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kitty totoro

Published on June 1, 2003

Kitty Totoro. Today I went to Andrea’s baby shower held at Greet & Michael’s in…

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happy birthday kazoobie!

Published on May 20, 2003

Happy Birthday, Kazoobie!! Yes, today we’re celebrating Kazoo’s 2nd birthday!!!! Happy Birthday, Kazoo!!! “It’s good…

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blog post

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i just have to say

Published on April 24, 2003

I just have to say… my buddy is sooooo cute when he yawns.

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